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About Your Exam


Preparing for your Exam 

Some CT scans may require medication or dietary

preparations. Please follow the instructions below carefully.

If you have questions about the instructions or an exam procedure,

please do not hesitate to ask your referring doctor or call us.


For a scan of the head, neck or chest, do not eat or drink

2 hours prior to your appointment, except for your prescribed

medications with a small amount of water.


For a scan of the abdomen or pelvis, do not eat or drink

anything 4 hours prior to your appointment time except

for your prescribed medications with a small amount of water.

You may be asked to drink barium 60 minutes prior to your exam.

Please call our office to arrange pick up of the barium so you can

drink it at home prior to your appointment time. Alternatively, you

may arrive at our office 6o minutes prior to your appointment time.


There is no preparation needed for a scan of the spine, sinuses,

or extremities.


For patients receiving intravenous contrast medium,

you should continue to take your medication, unless you are

a diabetic taking Glocophage, or Glucovance. Do not take

this medication the day of your exam.


Inform your referring doctor if you have allergies to medicine,

have had an adverse reaction to X-ray dye, or think you may be



The Exam

An experienced, registered and licensed radiology technologist

who has received advanced training in CT scanning

will perform your exam under the supervision of a board

certified radiologist (M.D.).


If your exam requires intravenous contrast to highlight certain

parts of your body, it will be given by intravenous injection. It

may cause a warm sensation throughout your body.


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